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Brooklyn Nets vs. Maccabi Tel Aviv Halftime Podcast

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Check out our halftime podcast for the Brooklyn Nets’ exhibition game against the Israeli team Maccabi Tel Aviv. The Nets lead at halftime behind good performances from Brook Lopez and Andrei Kirilenko.

Brooklyn Nets vs. Maccabi Tel Aviv: Preview

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This evening, the Brooklyn Nets will begin their preseason at home against Maccabi Tel Aviv. Lionel Hollins will make his coaching debut and Jarrett Jack will debut at point guard. A healthy Brook Lopez, Deron Williams, Kevin Garnett (but not-so-healthy Andrei Kirilenko) will also suit up for the game and play limited minutes. Joe Johnson, coming off a very strong postseason campaign last year will likely elicit the loudest cheers from the crowd.

Unfortunately, the game, which starts at 7:30, will not be televised. Follow @KimHadHumps for the latest updates about the contest.

Before I begin my nostalgic farewell post, here is the link to our new blog: [ ]

Today marks Kim Had Humps’ one year anniversary. On March 31, 2011, three high school seniors – Jonah, Sam, and Raphi – already accepted to college and with absolutely nothing exciting to do, began an email chain about an article posted on another Nets blog, I think it was a funny Nets – Bobcats recap. Upon reading the article, Sam half-joked: we could definitely have a great Nets blog. From there, the email chain quickly developed. Eventually, I suggested three blog names: StephenGrahamHopefuls, KimHasHumps, and NetsBlog (in that order). KimHasHumps clearly stood out from the rest and Jonah proceeded to create a blog with WordPress the next day – April 1st.

I wish I could recap 68 pages of posts in one paragraph. Posting articles for the blog has been so much fun. Many of these posts are about “KHH moments,” hilarious unintentional jokes in sports. Other posts are about our ridiculous adventures, addicting Sporcle games, and unforgettable Tweets. These posts will probably never disappear, so feel free to explore the blog.

Our posts have received some attention this past year. A Nets beat writer has Tweeted about our blog, athletes have Tweeted us, and random people have found our blog via weird Google searches. Our friends have also read and commented on our blog. As a result, we have a huge milestone to announce.

Kim Had Humps


I would like to thank our fans once again for their support. Without our viewers’ attention, we might not have been as motivated to make dozens of posts each week. I would also encourage our fans to continue following us over at Our posts are very Nets-centric and look more professional, even though our sense of humor is still the same. We hope to continue blogging for a very long time.

Farewell Kim Had Humps. You will be missed.

Tristan Thompson with one of his many dunks of the night over Petro.

The Nets’ slim playoff hopes took another huge hit Monday night as they fell to the Cleveland Cavaliers 105-100 at The Rock. It was the Nets’ 17th home loss on the year, worst in the Eastern Conference (yes, even worse than Bob’s Cats). This was yet another game where the Nets fell behind early, but they were actually able to make a comeback. They had the lead for much of the third and fourth quarters, but Cavs rookies Kyrie Irving and Tristan Thompson were just too much down the stretch. Combine that with D-Will making bad plays in crunch time, and you end up with a Nets loss. First I will talk about individual player notes and then the implications and what is ahead for the Nets.

Deron and Kyrie Irving was the matchup of the game. Kyrie clearly won the matchup, and the game.

Every game for the Nets ultimately starts and ends with Deron Williams, and it definitely did tonight as well. In the first quarter, Deron did not play well and got in foul trouble. He even got hit with a technical, which is rare for him. There were some terrible calls, but he still should have played better against a terrible Cavaliers defense. When he came back in the second quarter, he played like he was on a mission and like the world was against him. He scored 17 points in that quarter and was able to do whatever he wanted. At that point, I thought he would score 40 easily. But in the second half he cooled down a bit and passed the ball more. I think the reason he scored so much in the second quarter was because the Nets were losing 30-17 after the first quarter and the Nets were doing nothing offensively (or defensively for that matter, but that’s a whole other story). Deron knew that if he didn’t score, nobody would. The game came down to the Williams-Irving matchup, and Irving clearly won, as did the Cavaliers. In the last minute Deron missed an extremely easy layup and threw a pass away when the Nets could have tied the game. Irving hit clutch 3’s and made his foul shots. Although it is debatable whether Irving or Williams is better, I don’t think it is debatable that Irving is a more clutch player. Irving has come up big in crunch time all year, while Williams has missed layups and had turnovers. The ending to this game was eerily similar to the ending when the Nets lost to the Hornets on Saturday. This game seemed to be swinging the Nets’ way for 3 1/2 quarters, but Deron really blew it in the end. Of course, I hope the Nets can keep Deron in free agency, because without him, the Nets would not have even been in this game, but he really has to step it up in crunch time. He did have a huge dunk though, which you can see below:

D-Will was the 2nd quarter star for the Nets, but the star for the game, and the Nets’ best player, was clearly Gerald Wallace. After a disappointing first game as a Net where he only scored 11 points, Crash scored 27 and pulled down 12 boards tonight, in a night where rebounding was a major, major problem, but I will get into that more later. He was also able to draw a ton of fouls, and made his foul shots (10-11). He really couldn’t have played any better offensively. And defensively, he had the play of the game. The Nets were down by 6 with the ball. Gerald Green hits a 3 to cut the lead in half with 20 seconds to go. So what? The Nets are just going to foul, the Cavs will make their shots, and the game will be over. “Not so fast!” said Gerald Wallace. He takes a charge from Kyrie Irving on the inbounds pass and it is Nets ball! Thanks to Crash, the Nets had an opportunity to tie the game. Too bad Deron Williams threw the ball to nobody in particular and secured the loss. I really liked Wallace’s passion and hustle tonight as well.

Crash was the player of the game tonight for the Nets.

Moving on to the other starters, The Hump had his runs tonight, and finished with 13 points and 11 rebounds, but really didn’t play that well. He was obviously outplayed by Tristan Thompson, but that may have been more Shelden and Petro’s faults. Marshon had his typical game: 10 points, 4 rebounds, 2 assists. Not much more to say there. Moving on to the bench, Gerald Green was not nearly as involved in the offense as he usually is tonight. This is likely because of Gerald Wallace’s presence, but Green only had 5 points. He did have a huge 3 at the end to keep the Nets alive, though. He obviously still needs to learn to play with Crash, and this chemistry will take time to develop. After one of the better shooting performances I have seen from Morrow, he really did not play well today. He shot 3-10 and missed his open shots. He is paid to shoot the ball and he did not do it well tonight. After the game ended, he was clearly frustrated and threw his headband across the court. At least he is upset about the losing. Petro is absolute trash. Fans were booing him all night. I might have been the loudest one, and because I was sitting about 7 rows behind exactly where Avery was standing, whenever Petro was in, I yelled at Avery to take him out. I’m positively sure he heard me; I was very loud.

What a mismatch

The defense tonight obviously wasn’t good, but the much bigger problem was rebounding, and rebounding from Tristan Thompson. This guy was the 4th pick in the draft, but he really isn’t that good, averaging 6.7 points and 5.7 rebounds per game. Tonight he had 27 and 12, and devoured the Nets on the glass. 8 of his 12 rebounds were offensive, and most of those rebounds were followed by a layup or dunk. I really don’t want to know how many dunks he had tonight. Antawn Jamison also had 6 offensive boards. Wallace had 12 rebounds and The Hump had 11 (though he could have had much more), so I mostly blame Shelden, Petro, and even Gerald Green for this. Petro had 0 rebounds in 16 minutes. Completely unacceptable for a 7 footer. If not for the rebounding, the Nets would have easily won this game. Alonzo Gee fouled out of the game. This made me happy.

The Nets definitely looked like a dejected team after tonight's loss.

This was a game that I very much want to forget. The Nets were outplayed and outhustled by a bad team at home, which made this such a Nets game. Unfortunately, it seems that we are seeing more and more Nets games as the season goes on. The Nets will welcome a team into The Rock on Wednesday, who has also played their share of Nets games this year, George Washington’s Wizards. The Nets last played the Wiz on opening night, a Nets victory which gave fans unfulfilled hope for the remainder of the season. Both teams have went straight downhill since that game, which makes Wednesday’s game an instant KHH classic. Hopefully I will be in attendance, but unfortunately KHH favorite Javale McGee will not be. He was traded to the Nuggets at the trading deadline, which is really a shame for KHH fans. I was really looking forward to seeing him, but now I might just have to settle for Andray Blatche and Brian Cook. Ew. This is sure to be a very ugly game where a ton of points are scored because of a lack of defense. It is very possible that the Nets and Wizards are the worst two defensive teams in the NBA.

Unfortunately, there will not be another Battle of the Grahams tonight.

Tonight, the Nets will be hosting the Cleveland Cavaliers at The Rock and one KHH blogger will be in attendance. I have already purchased my lower center ticket for $6, but if courtside opens up, we may take that instead, although that is unlikely. It may be a difficult game for me because I am getting my wisdom teeth pulled today and may be on a lot of drugs for the game, but hopefully I will be paying enough attention to know what is going on. When the KHH bloggers attended last season’s Nets-Cavaliers game, it was a Battle of the Grahams. We will not be witnessing another colossal battle of this magnitude as neither Graham is currently in the NBA. Also in last season’s game, the Cavaliers were in the midst of their record 26-game losing streak and almost snapped it against the Nets. Daniel Gibson got a good look at a 3 at the buzzer that would have won the game for Cleveland. Also, this happened:

Hopefully Ryan Hollins will make another similar play tonight and we will witness another KHH classic. Even though they are not quite as KHH as they were last year, the Cavaliers are still a very KHH team. Their KHH all-stars are Omri Casspi (because he’s Jewish), Alonzo Gee (because he’s Alonzo Gee), Luke Harangody (because he is a D-league rival of Dennis Horner), Ryan Hollins (see the above video), Anderson Varejao (because of his hair), and new addition Luke Walton. For those idiots that still believe the Nets have a chance at the playoffs, this is yet another must-win game. The Cavaliers are 3 games ahead of the Nets and just one of the many teams the Nets will need to catch in order to make the playoffs. It’s not happening. However, I do think that the Nets will win this game. They are due for a win and the Cavs are a bad enough team that they will lose to the Nets at the Rock (where the Nets are now 5-16 after losing to the Hornets). I think it will be very close though, 107-105 Nets. The Hump will have a big, big game, possibly even his first 20-20.

Kyrie Irving will do his best to contain D-Will tonight.